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Our team of top extreme sports and hazardous hobbies experts at Sports Financial specialise in helping higher risk people to find cover such as private pilots and light aviation life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Sports financial has helped lots of people who are classed as high risk because of the sport or hobby that they do to find life insurance and other types of personal cover to protect themselves, their family and their homes. Life insurance for private pilots will usually require some additional underwriting depending on a number of variables so it is important to speak to an experts who knows which insurers are best for you. Life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection are the main types of personal cover which are designed to provide peace of mind for you and your family in the event of anything happening to you. Our team of specialists have the experience and expertise to help you to find the right policy and ultimately we aim to save you money on your premiums.

Private pilots and light aviation life insurance

Due to the increased risks when taking part in any form of aviation activity there may be additional underwriting requirements for private pilots life insurance. The general rule for private pilots and light aviation activities with life insurance is that cover is usually available at standard rates with no restrictions for recreational and infrequent flying. Private pilots life insurance underwriting will require for you to disclose additional information regarding your disclosure, such as:
  • Type of aircraft
  • License you hold
  • Hours of flying (per annum)
  • Countries you fly to or in
Most life insurance applications for private pilots will be underwritten and accepted with no special terms, unless there is something more hazardous about your activity. Helicopter pilots looking for life insurance may find that cover is slightly more restrictive as helicopters are viewed as more dangerous than planes. If you have been declined or accepted on special terms for private pilots and light aviation life insurance in the past, then you should speak to one of our expert advisers. Sports Financial has helped thousands of people with hazardous hobbies such as private pilots looking for life insurance to get the cover that they need to protect their loved ones.

Private pilots and light aviation critical illness cover

Critical illness cover for private pilots is also usually available on the mainstream life insurance market and often will be offered with no exclusions at normal rates. Private pilots are generally not viewed as an increased risk for critical illness cover by most insurance underwriters as there is not generally any additional serious illness risks relating to aviation activities. As with all other applications for critical illness cover, private pilots will be assessed based on their own medical history and any other issues of family history for example. Private pilots critical illness cover will be based on your age, amount of cover you require, policy term and smoker status. As with a lot of the hazardous hobbies and extreme sports that we deal with, TPD or Total and Permanent Disablement may be excluded from critical illness cover for private pilots. If you require further information, a quote or advice then please do not hesitate to contact our team of private pilot critical illness cover experts.

Private pilots and light aviation income protection

Income protection for private pilots is possible and it is not as difficult to get cover as commercial pilots as the risks are not specifically job related. There are certain potential underwriting issues with private pilots income protection so there could be some restrictions placed on cover. For private pilots and light aviation income protection it is better to speak to an experienced adviser who can help you to identify the best providers and top levels of cover. If you are a private pilot looking for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection then you should speak to one of our team of experts who will help you to get the right cover and save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is private pilot life insurance different to commercial pilot life insurance?

There are significant differences between the risks relating to a private pilots life insurance policy and a commercial pilots life insurance cover. Mainly the facts that the equipment which will be used which is very different for obvious reason, the number of hours that a commercial pilot flies to a private pilot and the level of qualification required to be a commercial pilot.

What if I have been declined private pilot life insurance in the past?

It is very possible that you may have been declined life insurance cover in the past as a private pilot which could be for several reasons. It does not mean that you will not be able to get cover again now as you may have simply applied to the wrong insurance provider based on your circumstances or it could have been for another reason, such as health.

Do I need private pilot life insurance?

If you are a private pilot with children, a home or a partner then you should definitely consider some form of life insurance or personal protection. Most people with non-hazardous hobbies should consider some form of cover, therefore a private pilot who has increased risks should definitely consider some personal protection cover.

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